Program Initiatives

Project Compassion’s programs are designed to meet unmet community needs and to provide innovative changes in end-of-life care.  Program initiatives include:

 The Community Education Initiative

Although death, dying, and grief are universal human experiences, many people have not had the opportunity to learn about these issues in a safe environment.  Project Compassion offers symposia and workshops on a range of topics related to physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of end-of-life care and grief.  Project Compassion also offers education for professionals on end-of-life care and grief  support.

 The Care Team Initiative

As patients and families deal with illness and death, caregiving needs may last for months or years before hospice can come in.  Many patients and caregivers would benefit from volunteer support during this time.  Project Compassion’s network of community-based Care Teams helps meet this need.   A Care Team is a coordinated group of 6-12 volunteers working together to help meet practical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Project Compassion provides education, support, and guidance for Care Teams sponsored by faith communities, organizations and other groups.  Project Compassion also refers people needing assistance to these community-based groups.   This Program is funded in part by the Faith in Action program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The Advanced Care Planning Initiative

Many people undergo unwanted medical procedures at the end of life.  Some people do not receive as much treatment as they want.  Advanced Care Planning helps people anticipate possible future health choices, talk with family and doctors about these end-of-life decisions, and put these decisions in writing so that they will be honored.  Project Compassion trains Advanced Care Planning Facilitators who work with individuals, families, and groups on the advance care planning process.  Project Compassion also links families and groups with facilitators to assist with plans and documents.