How can Teenagers Stay Fit?

These days, the health standards among teenagers have started to fall. As teenagers have to work their way through a wide range of issues concerned with adolescence, they are sure to find themselves adjusting to the changes that happened to their bodies. Hence, it is crucial for teenagers to stay healthy during these times.

In this article, we’ll be going through some ways that will help teenagers stay fit.

Avoid Smoking

Although there are several campaigns that advocate against smoking among teens, smoking is still prevalent, especially among young women.

It is estimated that there are nearly 35 million teenagers around the world who smoke cigarettes or use smokeless tobacco products. A survey conducted by the Global Youth Tobacco Survey concluded that in the 108 countries that the study was conducted in, there weren’t profound statistical changes between boys and girls in the ages 13-15.

Smoking can lead to many deadly diseases such as cancer, diminished lung functionality, limited smell and taste and asthma.

Eat Healthily

Teenagers that struggle with obesity are more likely to carry over obesity as an adult. That is why they need to eat healthy in order to maintain weight as well as fight illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

A diet that consists of fruits, grains, proteins and vegetables must be provided in order to facilitate growth and development.

Calcium is a requirement for teenagers as it helps in bone growth. This will later help them avoid fractures and reduced risk of osteoporosis. Foods that are rich in iron should also be had since iron is needed by females when menstruating and required by males in order to gain lean body mass.

Another thing that is observed more frequently among teenagers is that they do not eat breakfast regularly. Being the most important meal of the day, teenagers must be encouraged to have breakfast regularly as it ensures the provision of daily nutritional requirement.


Exercise Regularly

The importance of being active must be prominent in all age groups. At least an hour in a day should be dedicated to exercise. Exercise such as biking, running or exercising that helps cardio should be done.

Some exercises like sit backs and chair squats can be performed in the comfort of your home. These exercises should be done in order to build strength and muscle as well as increase metabolism.

In order to increase flexibility, teenagers can turn to yoga. Gym, fitness equipment or time isn’t really needed in order to stay fit. All that is required is to check with a doctor or PE teacher as to what is best.